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During your rental, the fuel is your responsability.

You paie in Patrol Station.

If you want start your rental in other city to us team.

You will paie the fuel consomation from the firth way and retourn trip.

For any cancellation

In case of cancellation on your part, during your rental,

Kanchanaburi-holidays will not refund the canceled days.


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On Kanchanaburi, you can have your boat party on the river Kwai Kanchanaburi. On groupe or families, rent a disco boat with Dj, meals and drinks for a beautiful and unforgettable evening with


Transferts and taxis service :

 1st class or Classic

From the cities where you want,

Bangkok, airport, Chiang mai or Kanchanaburi.

For your safety

- You can't travel  more than 550 km per day or 7h30 maximum.

- Every 2h30 you will have to take a break, to relax and give your driver a break. Take advantage of this break, to visit a landmark in the area. (Temple or market).

- When you return to your hotel after a good day of sightseeing to take a shower, let your driver do the same, to be operational to drive for you at night.

Kanchanaburi-holidays offers you two types of driver

For all reservations

We require a down payment to secure the reservation in your name.

A choice :

 - Via PayPal, which you can pay directly by credit card

or with your PayPal account.

Added to your bill 400 THB fee levied by PayPal.

Private driver Kanchanaburi

Create your holidays in Thailand. Whether you're on an adventure, or have your program, Kanchanaburi-Holidays offers you to rent a VIP minibus for family vehicles with your private driver from the city of kanchanaburi who will be at your disposal 24 hours a day for your holidays on Kanchanaburi or all cities in Thailand.

Rent a very comfortable VIP family vehicle minibus in the city of your choice or in Kanchanaburi, the fuel is your responsibility in its entirety.

You only pay for what you consume.

Rental driver for 2 days minimum

No surprise of supplement

Rent vehicle car kanchanaburi

Kanchanaburi-holidays offers you a VIP luxury minibus vehicles, Toyota Commuter Hiace D4-D and diesel.

Minibus for 10 people with luggage,

9 passengers + your driver.

Your private driver from Kanchanaburi will be at your disposal every day until 22:00, unless end of rental in another city in Thailand.

During your holidays in Kanchanaburi, your private chauffeur will take you where you want and when you want. Trip or tour. We can not calculate the exact number of kilometers in advance that you will cover.

Visit beautiful sites during the day and restaurants at night. It's your holiday, Tour Kanchanaburi or any other cities in Thailand.

To help you with your vacation in Thailand, Kanchanaburi-Holidays at Kanchanaburi, offers you a free phone with internet access and optional WiFi connection for all your devices.

We are always in touch with your private driver and with you. You can call us at any time, when you need us for translation or any other inquiries.

We are at your disposal 24 hours a day.

English service

- 2 to 10 days                          2 800 Thb / day

- 11 to 20 days                        2 700 Thb / day

- 21 days and over                  2 600 Thb / day

Driver's rate, non English speaking driver.

- 2 to 10 days                           3 300 Thb / day

- 11 to 20 days                         3 200 Thb / day

- 21 days and over                    3 100 Thb / day

Rate with an English speaking driver

At your expense

- Tolls, your driver will give you the bills in the evening, you just need to pay them back.

- Parking, your driver will give you parking tickets in the evening. He does everything so that you do not waste time.

- Fuel in its entirety: Reimburse your driver for his fuel for his trip to come and welcome you. if you end your journey in a city other than Kanchanaburi.

You will have full tank, need give back the van with full tank.

And your consumption during your rental.


Company created in 2011

Service provider under number 310020090

We offer a private chauffeur rental service available for 2 days minimum, from the cities of Bangkok, Kanchanaburi, Sukhothai, Chiang Mai, Hua-hin, Chumphon, Krabi, Phuket.

We also offer a taxi service or transfer from the city of your choice.

We are at your disposal in all cities in Thailand.